Annual Almanac

In 2011 bilingual for the first time!

Our professors, our colleagues, our friends, we… every year a few people from different spheres work with our theme and create their vision of the concept in their field.
This year, these people have one thing in common – Junk!

Czech equivalet of Junk – Odpad – means waste, junk, garbage, but is also contains word “pád” which in English means fall(ing). And it is neccesary to have this on minde while understandig the topic.
Pád (fall), dopad (impact), výpad (foray), spád (cadence), nápad (idea), západ (sunset, west), vpád (invasion), rozpad (decay), propad (slump), případ (case), přepadnout (attack), vpadnout (invade), upadnout (fall down), popadnout (grasp)… odpad (junk), odpadnout (fall off), odpadek (rubbish), odpadní (giving up), odpadkový (litter), odpadlík (renegade), odpadlý (dropped off).
All these words are derivated from the basic Czech word pád.
The compilers have encircled the art form all sides. Tereza Hadravová and Jan Hlávka represent the aestheticians (i.e. those, who mediate upon “why”). Tomáš Stejskal and Antonín Tesař deal with the topic with the sharp eye of film critics (i.e. those mediating upon “how”). Matouš Hrdina is an expert in the field of media studies and journalism (i. e. those, who mediate upon “where”). Finally, the author of the last essay is Petr A. Bílek, a Rennaisance man well versed in the field of film and literature (i.e. the one, who knows, whether or not). If there was a musical box attached to this compilation, you would now hear an applause accompanied by many words of thanks or at least a fanfare of a reversing garbage truck.
The almanac is available for 50 crowns during the Film Sokolov weekend (21.-23.10.) or could be ordered on email



Jan Hlávka: Scrap Metal Cyborgs. Industrial Fetishism in Japanese Extreme Cyberpunk of 1980s

Matouš Hrdina: Odes to the Dump Site: The Aesthetics of Trash in John Waters´ films

Petr A. Bílek: Some Remarks on the Relation between Waste and “the Wasted”

Antonín Tesař: Film as Trash

Tomáš Stejskal: Harmony Korine, Trash and Deception as New Authenticity

Tereza Hadravová: The Power of Junk

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